domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Plural nouns

1.     Most nouns add –s in the plural
book –books              student –students

2.     If the noun ends in –s, -sh, ch, add –es
bus- buses   church- churches  watch- watches

3.     If the noun ends in a consonant + y, the y changes to -ies.
country- countries                       party- parties
*But if the noun ends in a vowel + y, the y does not change.
boy- boys    day-days

4.     If the noun ends in f- ves
shelf-shelves           wife-wives               life-lives

5.     Some nouns are irregular.
child- children  (kids- informal word)
person- people      woman-women     man – men
tooth-teeth             foot-feet
6.     Invariable nouns
Write the plural forms of the nouns
a.     car                       b. glass                     c. dictionary           d. woman
e. family                  f. address                g. key                                    h. person
i. sandwich             j. baby                       k. foot                       l. tooth
m. wife

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